Introduction of the E.B.C company

Created in 2002, our engineering consulting firm has grown up in the industrial domain.

With a 25 year's old experience on the construction fields, we offered our experience for our clients.

The requests in the industrial sector are varied. Without dealing with the "process" of our client, we have always proposed a complete project that relieved the scope of the client project leader.

We have focused or devellopment specifically on the industrial sector and equipped each workstation with a powerful 3D software for the calculation and drawings.

Furthermore, we are surrounded by very competent staff composed actually of 8 people whose half are engineers and one is a employee with more than 30 years experience in this sector.


Our main activity sectors are : 

  •            Steel structure
  •            Mechanics
  •            Civil engineering
  •            Piping
  •            Sizing of specific works
  •            Assistance on project management.


Since a few years, the opened markets allowed to our drawings to be forwarded for buildings across all Europe.


Today, the picture of our company  is passed on those realised documents and drawings.

We are always looking for a stronger and complete picture of our company in order to show at our clients our expertise and to allow them to beter evaluate our capacity to accompany them in their projects. This website is one of the way to reach that objective.

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